Get Fun in Dominoqq

Do you look for fun and entertainment?

Today, our easy and most convenient way for entertainment is through online games. One of the exciting games today is the online dominoes. It is online gambling that involves wagering of money with an uncertain outcome if you will win or not.

Domino game is a classic game that is present already for a long time in different parts of the world. The game is easy to learn. Also, the accessibility of playing this game is so easy because of the easy access on the Internet, like in Dominoqq.

It is fun playing it with your family and friends. You can make it as your pastime because of the ease of playing it. There are two main popular domino games nowadays. One of these is the Mexican Train Dominoes.


What is the gameplay of playing Mexican Train dominoes?

  1. Double-12 or double-9 dominoes.
  • You will choose a domino set. It is either double-12 for the 13-hand game. While, for a 10-hand game, you will select the double-0. Either of the two, the highest double-sided tile will be removed.
  1. Shuffle the dominoes face down.
  • Mix the tiles and ensure that the number won’t see when shuffling.
  1. Each player will draw tiles from the shuffled tiles.
  • If the game is a double-12 set, you need people to play this game. But if the game is a double-9 set, it allows playing two to four players. Then, you will draw the tiles and will set them in front of you. The other players mustn’t see the tiles that you have.
    • Double-12: 8 players take 9 tiles each; 7 players take 10 tiles each; 6 players take 12 tiles each; 5 players take 14 tiles each; 4 players take 15 tiles each; 2 to 3 players take 16 tiles each
    • Double-9: 4 players take 10 tiles each; 3 players take 13 tiles each; 2 players take 15 tiles each
  1. Put the remaining tiles into train yard for future turns
  • The tiles that you will be putting on the train yard or bone pile should be face down. This can be used when you don’t have a domino in your hand already, then there you can use one tile from the train yard.
  1. Double domino to be set and begin to play
  • Some put the double-9 or double-12 as the starter of the play.
  1. Start of the game.
  • You need to connect the right number to the end side of the domino.
  1. Win the domino.
  • Once you have already laid all your dominoes, it means the round is over, and you are the winner.

There are numerous ways of how online domino games are playing, but all of them are entertaining and fun to play.