The advantages and disadvantages of playing poker games dominoqq

Playing poker, in some countries has become massively extensive passion and there are millions of players who are just lured into this world of gambling not considering the good and bad effects.  Players think that playing poker games will only reap benefits for them. But it isn`t the same way, poker too has its own merits and demerits. Like dominoqq, 888 poker, tiger gaming, poker starts etc there are many games in online gambling to which millions of people are addicted to. Here we bring you some pros and cons of the game.

The pros:

  • Flexible schedule- one of the biggest advantages of online gambling is that the player gets to adjust his working hours according to his own comforts and there is no hassle of waking up at 7 am and rushing to work place.
  • Exploring and meeting new people- in betting online game, a player gets to meet different types of players and explore new techniques and learns new things in the whole process. A player also gets to make a lot of money in the process.
  • No fixed income- there isn`t any fix incomes and a player gets to earn according to his capabilities and skills


The cons:

  • A passive life style- playing poker simply means that you are spending majority of your day playing poker and stuck to your pc. It will affect your personal life since betting is not less than addiction and it is going to have some or the other affect on your personal life.
  • No fix income- while playing poker or any online gambling game you will not be accustomed to fix monthly income and it depends on your game as to how are you playing.  Some months your balance might go into negatives while in some days you might make huge money. so if you have a family dependent on you, you have to make careful decisions to win the game
  • A one man show- online gambling is probably a one man show and all day will sitting in front of computer, slogging your hours and not socializing with anyone. This might also cause restlessness and intense boredom.
  • Illegal- last but not the least, online gambling isn`t a cut out for every country so you have to see whether it is legal or not in your country. you cannot just go against the law in lieu of making good money.