Welcome you all to the online poker game!!


What is a poker game?  Are you all well aware of it?  Actually not all of them know it. Are you interested in playing online casino games?  It means that people who play casino games are called gamblers. So you might have heard of poker a game which is basically a family-based game of card. In this game the number of players required in 4. The player actually bet the money and built their own strategy behind it. Today you can say that poker is truly am international games. This game is enjoyed in every country where ever card games are played. This game actually started in 19th century.  At 16th century German used to play bluffing game named pochen.

Card value

The Pokerqq is played in innumerable form. In poker game the value of card is very important. The player who understands the basis of this game gets the strategy to bet easily. In the Poker Qq game, the order for hand ranking are as follows:

  • Straight Way Flushing – The deck consists of 5 cards in total, these are placed in the numerical order. The set which holds the best possible combination of the Straight Flush is known as Royal Flush. The Royal Flush is generally composed of best cards like King, Queen i.e. the cards of top order

  • Four of kind- It varies in a different way from Straight Flush. The deck here is set of cards of same order & stamina, where only 2 of them have a different rank. Here always highest three matching cards wins the pot.
  • Straight – here there is total five cards are there in sequence.
  • High pair- In this scenario, the one with the highest number of cards comes out with glory. If not that then second highest can also win. Here fourth highest or smallest can be the tiebreaker.

Scope to earn money online

Online games are more popular than of land-based games. When you will choose to play online casino games through online websites then you have an opportunity to earn money more because online websites providesnew clients a welcome bonus. They also provide many advantages and benefits to their players. Sitting at your home you get so many benefits then why should you go for land-based casinos. There is also no such time limit for the players you can connect to the websites whenever you feel comfortable.


PokerQq game is popular among the people who want money as soon as possible. As you know this is an online based game that’s why the profit of earning is huge. But there is also a chance of losing the game. The players are always welcome in poker games.